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How to order on the site?

For the purchase of a boost on our site, we advise you to start by creating an account. With a WallGaming account you can consult your orders at any time, modify your delivery information and obtain information on the status of your current orders.

  • Select the game of your choice from the site menu
  • Discover the different boostings available for this game
  • Click on the boosting of your choice to access the product sheet
  • Check if the product matches your search
  • Check the options of your choice to get a customized boost
  • Validate your boosting by clicking on the “add to cart” button
  • Consult your basket from the button available at the top right of the site
  • Finalize your purchase by proceeding to payment from the order page

How do I get my order?

Once your purchase is finalized, we will contact you to obtain the necessary information and be able to start your order. For faster delivery, we strongly recommend that you add us on skype. You will find a button of our official skype at the top and bottom of the site. By simple click, you will be redirected to our profile.

Once in contact, provide us with your order number (example: PD-18551) and your email address used when ordering. This will allow us to find your order quickly. The information necessary for the delivery of your order will be requested directly after contact. You will be guided by our team during all stages of your order.

The payment methods available?

Currently we offer two secure payment solutions:

  • Paypal: MasterCard, Visa, National Bank Card, Aurore, VPay Card, Cofinoga / Privilege, Cofidis 4 stars, American Express, Discover and Maestro
  • Bank card: payment by bank card managed by Paypal

You can pay directly from your Paypal account or directly by bank card if you do not have an account. The transactions are all processed by the secure Paypal platform. You will be automatically redirected to the payment platform when finalizing your order.

How to contact the Play-Deals team?

You can contact us at any time from the online chat window available at the bottom right of the site. We are also reachable by email (, by skype (order.wstore) or discord (PLAYDEALS#0386).

If you don’t get an immediate response, don’t panic, we will get back to you automatically. Our team may be absent, offline, or unable to provide an immediate response. If so, you will get an answer as soon as we return online.

What should I do for a service in piloted mode?

If you purchased a service that requires account sharing, you must join us on Skype or Discord to provide the necessary information. We will only ask you for your Battlenet email and password.

You can tell us time slots on which we will let you play. You will be kept informed about our connections as well as the evolution of the order.

How do I receive gold coins or in-game items?

When ordering gold coins you will be asked to provide delivery information. Like the server, the faction, or even the nickname of the character. If you made a mistake during a purchase, quickly send a message to our support to make the correction.

The WoW BFA and WoW Classic gold coins are mainly delivered by mailbox. If necessary, we will contact you to inform you about the delivery of your order. It is possible that this will be done otherwise if necessary.

Is the purchase of a boost or gold a risk for my account?

Our role is to act as a sales intermediary between the seller and the customer. We cannot guarantee the risks incurred during a purchase on the site. It is necessary to read carefully the general conditions of use of the editor before placing an order. In the event of a sanction on your gaming account, we will not be able to offer you compensation.

We do our best to guarantee quality services. Like the choice of our players and teams for the realization of the services as well as the choice of the best sellers for the gold coins.